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Welcome to our new webhome...we hope you enjoy your cyber visit at Twenty Mile Farm and also we invite you to browse through our site for more information about Border Cheviot Sheep and especially our Champion stock!

At Twenty Mile our Champion Border Cheviot Sheep have lots of room to roam in the pens with lots of good California grass to graze

We also have a canine agility training facility.  For more information on our agility classes please click here to go to our agility website.


We regularly show our sheep and are very proud to have a good flock of purebred Cheviots who have been awarded many championships!


Physical attributes of Cheviots:

~ Mature body weight for the rams ~ 160 to 200 pounds (72-90 kg)
~ Ewes weigh slightly less at 120 to 160 pounds (55-72 kg)
~ Mature ewes will average a five to ten pound (2.25-4.5 kg) fleece that has a micron measurement of 27.0 - 33.0 and a spinning count of 48-56.
   The staple length of the fleece will be three to five inches (7.5-12 cm) with a yield of 50 to 75 percent.

  Our little Jessie on sick call in the house!


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