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Classes @ Twenty Mile Farm

 Puppy Prep:

Puppies 8 wks to 6 months. Third Way foundations and learning to learn.

 FUNdamentals of agility:

For dogs and handlers who need to work on basic control skills, including sit/stay, come, loose leash walking and targeting behaviors. Will be taught using food, toys and games. This class builds the relationship necessary for agility teams to succeed in the sport of agility.

 Introduction to agility:

requires dogs to already be able to come, sit/stay and be around other dogs off leash safely. The goal is to introduce dogs and handlers to agility obstacles and training techniques.

 Novice agility:

for dogs and handlers who are working on independent performance of jumps, weaves, and contact obstacles. Sequencing is also included in the skills here. You must select a contact behavior!

 Open/Intermediate agility:

for dogs and handlers who have independent obstacle skills, and no particular training “issues”. Focus is on handler skills and adding distance to handling in preparation for competition.

 Advanced/Excellent agility:

continues to challenge current skills of both dogs and handlers, with exercises pulled from current competition requirements of these teams, though they are not required to be competing to be eligible for these classes.

 Rally run throughs:

by Beth Lagimoniere. Contact her: ROTTNAWS@earthlink.net, 805 260-4545

  We also offer private lessons as well as problem solving/behavior consultations

All regular classes are for six weeks. Puppy classes are for six weeks, including the manual. Private lessons can be scheduled anytime around regular classes. With crates, multiple dogs can be worked by one handler in the same class.

Please contact Valerie for class schedules, costs and any other information!

Return sign up form with fees to Valerie Vale, 445 Mehlschau Road, Nipomo, CA 93444.

Questions or comments?  Call 805-929-6303 or email aussiumagility@aol.com

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